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Welcome Matt!

We would like to welcome Matt Oates to the Family! Matt will be working Wednesday through Sunday and will be added to our website ASAP, until then check him out on IG @mattxoates and slide into his dm's for appointment info.

A tattoo is a personal artistic expression that you should enjoy every time you see it. It’s something to take seriously, which is exactly what we do at Hellcat.

We’re passionate about giving clients the right ink


by working with them to create beautiful pieces designed to their specifications. We accommodate anyone of age who wants to get a tattoo, whether they’re walking in to get their first one or they have a favorite artist they’re loyal to. In a clean, professional shop like ours, you’ll leave with more than just a tattoo. You’ll walk out our doors with an investment in your body that you’ll love forever.

What our Clients Say

“First time I got a tattoo.  Was always too worried it would come out horrible.  John did an amazing job. I wanted something to pay homage to my son who committed suicide and he captured exactly what I was looking for.  Very clean place and the staff is top notch.  I recommend this place to everyone.”

Butch H.

“There’s really nothing bad to say about this place.  I absolutely love it: it’s clean, the staff are professional, and the young lady Chris is the shit.  My son and I came to get matching tattoos and we paid a great price.  Ooh not to mention the ambiance and music is to die for.  I just wanted to sit here all day.  I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Glen Burnie, MD

“This place rocks!!!! Dave is the shit tits!!! We were just walk ins for a friendship tattoo and we are so happy we did!!!! The shop is clean the people are super funny and made us feel really comfortable!!! Go there or be square!!!!!”

Heather A.

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Hellcat Tattoo is a premier tattoo studio serving the West Palm Beach area.

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